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Mazafati dates can be considered as one of the most delicious type dates in the world, which has a sweet, delicious and warm nature. Mazafati dates have the highest amount of moisture among the available dates, which has made this fruit more delicious. The humidity of this product depends on the time of harvest, which is between 15 to 35%. The harvest time of this type of date is from late July to early August. It has an oval shape. At present, Tivan Production-Trading Company select the best and highest quality of Mazafati dates from the groves of Bam city and exports them to the Middle East, Europe and East Asia countries after packing them according to the customer’s order with Tivan brand.

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Our company is producer and exporter of iranian dried fruits and nuts,our main activity is export of dried  figs

Tivan nuts Company was established in 2019, but the activity of its managers in the field of dried fruit trade go back to Five decades ago.We continue the path and goal of the former managers, which is to achieve honesty and responsibility and ultimately customer satisfaction.Our company is responsible for all stages of production and export in the supply chain of Iranian dried figs We are one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of dried figs and dates in the world, and Estahban is the largest wild fig garden in the world. This article has been registered in UNESCO. Also, cities such as Bam, Khesht, Tangestan, Hajiabad, etc., which are located in the south of Iran, have rich date orchards and their unique products are ready for consumption by the world. Our main goal is to improve  quality of products and meet the needs of customers. We hope we can satisfy our dear customers with honest service. Our company have a long history in this field,

but we are working every day to update and improve quality