About us

Tivan Production-Trading company, located in Shiraz Industrial City, started its activity in the field of production of dried fruits such as dried figs and dates in 2019, but the activities and experiences of the managers of this company in the field of trade of these products reach more than three decades. Tivan Production-Trading Company provides its main product, which is dried figs, from Estahban city.

The city of Estehban, located in the east of Fars province, with more than 27,000 hectares of fig cultivation area, is known as the largest dry farming fig forest in the world, which is registered in UNESCO. Estahban dried figs are special and unique products that can be produced only in special weather conditions. Estahban geographical location has helped a lot in the fruiting of fig trees in this region.

In order to achieve its goals and meet the needs of the customers, Tivan Production_ Trading company decided to make this distinctive and special product by offering them to domestic and foreign markets under the name of Tivan brand with the help of experienced manpower and using packaging machines, relying on quality and competitive price. In order to improve the level of food safety and quality standard of its products, this group succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications.

The laboratory unit of Tivan Production_ Trading Company, with its experienced and specialized experts and also with the up-to-date equipment and devices for measuring its dried fruit products, performs activities such as physical, chemical and microbial test, and finally confirms the supply of the product to the market. This Company tries to improve the quality of its products and increase the quality of its services in accordance with the needs of the market and the demands of customers.