Zahedi or Qasb date is one of the types of dates in Iran that is cultivated in many date-growing parts of the country, especially in the provinces of Khuzestan, Fars, Bushehr and Kermanshah. The shape of this fruit is oval and its end is quite narrow and sharp. Its reddish to yellowish brown color fades. This type of date is one of the best-selling dates in Iran and other countries in the world due to its special and special color, wonderful taste, and of course, its easy storage conditions.

Zahedi dates are often harvested in late September, which sometimes lasts until early autumn. This date, as described, is semi-dry and easily falls to the ground near harvest time and is one of the late ripening dates. At present, Tivan Production-Trading Company selects the best type of Zahedi dates from different groves and exports them to middle east, Europe and East of Asia with Tivan brand after packaging according to the customer’s order.